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Animation Work

IM LOVE - an animated short-short



All production by Ryan Heiss, unless stated otherwise


This took me, from start to finish, about 10 weeks to complete. That included set modeling, modifying Josh Burton's Morpheus rig to look the way I wanted it to, lighting, texturing, prop rigging, compositing, sound design and editing, and finally packaging the whole thing into a DVD.

Produced in Autodesk Maya, post-production in Adobe After Effects


Nudeybeach Town

Another short-short! I do a lot of these.

I rigged the bear using a system of joint locators, I animated the sprites and the bear, I compiled the sound from various sources, and I modeled the sets.

In total, this took me 2 weeks to make, from conception to finish.

Super Apartment Bros. - EP 06: This Simulated Life

This was my first episode animating on Super Apartment Bros., directed by the amazing Eric Stover. For this episode, I was the sole animator and had to set up and categorize the massive sprite library of this show for myself. It had been a while since I had done any sprite animation, so this was a fun and interesting exercise for me.

This episode took me a while, about 3 1/2 weeks from blocking to full animation. I've gotten a lot faster since then.

Check out the Super Apartment Bros. Official Website! Click Here!

Super Apartment Bros.- EP 08:
Life EXP Earned

This was another episode I worked on for Super Apartment Bros., along with animator Juan Diego De Obarrio. This is the first episode in the series to be animated by 2 animators: I did the blocking for the whole thing and animated the first half, and Juan did the second half. 

This episode took us both about 3 weeks  from start to finish. School was getting heavy so it took a lot longer than it should have.

Check out the Super Apartment Bros. Official Website! Click Here!

Lynt- Senior Film

A short film by Ryan HeissA piece of lint living inside of a cardboard box struggles to save a reflective screw from unknown forces that are literally turning its world upside down, only to find that happiness can be found in acceptance rather than resistance.

All work was done by me, unless otherwise noted. Sound by: Kevin Hastings. For more info on my process, click on the link in the title. 

My latest reel of animation work.
Song: Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt
Shot list:
Mycota - a mobile tactics game created in Unity by Outhouse Games
Created perfectly loopable character animations for the unreleased game, Mycota
Responsible for animation
IM LOVE - a short-short film
Created a short-short from start to finish, including but not limited to concept, modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, animation, compositing, sound, and packaging
Responsible for everything
Mycota - a mobile tactics game created in Unity by Outhouse Games
More character animations from Mycota
Responsible for animation
Don't Lose Your Head - short animation scenario
Experimentation involving exaggerated movement and weight displacement using the Bloke rig
Responsible for animation
Bear on a Bike - short rig test/animation
Created a rig in After Effects involving vector illustrations made in Illustrator put together with null objects, and animated a quick scene
Responsible for everything
Super Apartment Bros. - web series directed by Eric Stover
Animated episodes of the sprite-animated web series Super Apartment Bros as lead animator
Character animation
Lynt - short film by Ryan Heiss
Created from start to finish a short film, Lynt, starring a piece of lint and its life in a cardboard box
Responsible for everything

Animation Reel

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