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Compositing Reel

All work by Ryan Heiss, unless otherwise noted.
Music: "Samurai Showdown at the University of Tampa" by Auto! Automatic!!
Shot List:
Lynt, short film by Ryan Heiss
Responsible for everything
I used an animated alpha mask on the main character, so that I could have a solid pattern that would stay in place as the character moved across the screen. I also composited a 2D character (animated in Flash) into a 3D scene (made in Maya) and had it interact with the scenery and props. Within the 3D scene, I also composited reflections and shadows on top of cel-shaded elements.
Motion comic test for The Return of Japanese Wolves by Rumi Hara (
Responsible for animation and additional art. Comic written, illustrated, and translated by Rumi Hara.
I took 2D scans of Rumi Hara's comic and broke the pages down into panels, the panels into separate images, and the images into individual layers. This required me to fill in gaps in the original artwork in order to make the composition more complete and able to animate.
Swordfish - A Marx Bros. Kinetic Typography Piece
Audio from Horse Feathers; Responsible for graphics, typography, and animation
I timed out, boarded, created style treatments, and created visual effects for this piece, which is a companion to a Marx Bros. skit.
Morpheus rig by Josh Burton; Responsible for animation, lighting, modeling, rendering, writing, compositing
Composited lighting, shadow, and effect layers from Maya into a final mix. Also compositied in computer screens and their accompanying glow.
Dancing Queen - short experimental music video
Stock footage from Youtube; Responsible for compositing and effects
Created a special compositing effect through scripting that allows the same composition to be layered over itself a limited amount of times but be separated by modular variables such as distance up, down, left, right, near or far, rotation, scale, lightness, darkness, and timing. I used this effect to create a "moving chronophotograph" out of a woman doing a belly dance on a green screen. I then added a colorama effect as well as a color inversion.
Hairable - short experimental music video
Stock footage from Youtube; responsible for roto effects and compositing
I took stock footage from women's shampoo commercials and I used a roto brush to create animated masks of their hair and bodies. I then took these masks and turned them into frame-by-frame images, which I cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator. I then imported these frames back into After Effects and looped them. From that looped animation, I composited stock footage from Youtube into the animated masks and put it all together.
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