Lynt - A Mixed-Media Short Film

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Second Draft Animatic
First Draft Animatic

This was an animatic for the original, more existential tone of the film that I came up with. I decided later that I'd rather do something more fun and with a little more heart.

After scrapping my first take on the film, I came up with a more character-based approach that still rang true to my original themes that I wanted to cover, but in a more emotional and comedic context.

A piece of lint living inside of a cardboard box struggles to save a reflective screw from unknown forces that are literally turning its world upside down, only to find that happiness can be found in acceptance rather than resistance.

Ever since my second grade teacher said to me, "Ryan, you are so creative that you could make a blockbuster film out of a piece of lint!" I have been excited and obsessed with the process of making something amazing out of nothing. While Lynt is by no means a blockbuster, it is the culmination of my education at the Savannah College of Art and Design as an undergraduate student of Animation.