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Modeling Work

12 Steps Set Model

A room I modeled for Kori Amacker's film "12 Steps". She said she wanted a Victorian Era room, which I took and ran with while also adding a twist of Neo-Classicism to the decoration. The details were pretty fun to model. This is just a poor-man's "occlusion pass", this is obviously not going to be the final textures for the room.

A few examples of my work as a CG-modeler. For more info and my process on certain projects, click on the title.

IM LOVE Set Production Process

The process I went through in creating the set for the film IM LOVE. You can see the modeling, texturing, and lighting process I went through for this film. The final result can be seen in my film IM LOVE.

Soul Sword Model

I modeled and textured this sword in about 3-4 hours, so I guess that's speed modeling and texturing? 
I know this weapon is from the Soul Calibur series, but for the life of me, I can't remember and can't find what its name really is. Oh well! Just know that I did not design the weapon! And I gave it my own twist with its glassy texture, so its not really EXACTLY like the weapon in the game! 

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