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Motion Design Reel

My latest reel of motion graphics work.
Song: Samurai Showdown At The University Of Tampa by Auto! Automatic!!
Shot list:
T H E  G A T E- animated album cover
An animated album cover created in Cinema 4D with post FX done in After Effects
Responsible for everything

Ghost Hunters Commercial (unofficial)
Experimenting with de-rezzed effects and stock images
Responsible for everything

Color Wheels- animated gifset
Experimental, looping, animated gifs

Responsible for everything

Noraptra Commercial - Written by Michael Scott (
Created a visual aid for a medication that helps those that suffer from a fake condition where you believe that you are a velociraptor
Responsible for everything

The Return of Japanese Wolves Motion Comic- By Rumi Hara
Took the illustrations of Rumi Hara ( and translated them into a motion comic for her series "The Return of Japanese Wolves"

Marx Brothers Kinectic Typography Skit: Swordfish
Kinetic typography piece set to the Swordfish password scene from Horse Feathers
Responsible for everything (except audio, of course)

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